We strive to ensure each of our puppies are carefully placed in selected homes.
Matching lifestyles with the personalities of the puppies is important.  
This ensures that a laid back puppy doesn't end up in a home that is very active or vise versa....

Buying a bulldog from a reputable breeder is hard.  
There are many scams out there and not all breeders are the same.  
The first thing is not to buy from a pet store, or broker.  
The breeder should not let the puppy leave before 8 weeks old.  
A true breeder knows the breed standard, has titled dogs, and is fully invested in what it takes to produce a quality litter.  They
heavily screen their buyers to ensure that each puppy goes to its forever home not just the first person who has the money to pay
for it.  Buying a puppy should
never be a spur of the moment decision.  Be sure of your decision and the breeder before you even
go look at puppies.  Once you see those adorable puppies you will want to take one home.

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a lifetime commitment and comes with a lot of responsibilities.  Bulldogs LOVE to be with
people...  Do you have a very busy schedule?  Do you work a lot?  Have crazy shifts/long hours? Busy running with kids?

Non smoking homes only.  Smoking can lead to respiratory problems.

Have you done your research?  Bulldogs are a bracheophalic breed and have certain health limitations and are not suited for every
family.  If you are looking for a breed that has
very few health concerns, consider another breed.

Bulldoggers who show, generally breed for their next generation of show dogs.  No matter how carefully we breed, only a few will
make it to the show ring.  The pups that do not meet the rigorous show standards will be sold as pets.  These puppies will be sold
on a spay/neuter contract.
 Show prospect puppies will be sold on a co-ownership contract determined for each situation.

I hope you find this informative.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.   My goal is to help you find a quality
puppy whether that is from myself or another breeder.   Bulldogs are my passion and I want you to have the same love for them as I
Start potty training at  3 wks old.  
Pups ears and eyes don't open for the first week
or so.  This is why pups do not leave until they
a minimum  of 8 weeks old.  Puppies learn
their social skills from their litter mates and
Mom.  Puppies that do not receive proper
socialization can have long term affects.  
Expose pups to well mannered kids.  
Start gruel around 3-4 wks old.  
Pups learn to use the Lixit bottles.
It seems like such a simple thing but we expose our puppies to as much "stuff" as we can.  It is
very good for them to experience as much as possible to become confident well adjusted puppies.
Truck rides
Toy Bin
Bath time
Social time with the other dogs of the house
Play time with kids
Learning to do stairs
Learning the ramp
Outside Potty training if weather permits.
agility tunnel
First set of shots and vet check.
Toys of different texture and size.