Progesterone tests are required to determine
the date of ovulation.
One or more of these may have to be done over
several days or weeks....
Vaginal swabs "assist" in determining
ovulation and conception dates.
Bottle feeding or tube feeding may be required and can be very difficult and time consuming.
Artificial insemination
Pregnancy can be very physically challenging on Moms.
The area is shaved and
cleaned thoroughly.
The initial cut is made
The uterus is carefully removed.
Once completely removed a small incision is made to start removing puppies.
This is a  vaginal discharge called "Lochia" that can last 6-8 weeks after
delivery.  It ranges from Reddish brown to bright green.  It is odorless.  It
should never be bright red.  As the mother nurses the puppies it causes
the uterus to contract and expell this.  It actually pools up behind the
Ultra sounds can be done 28 days after
Bulldog tails  ARE NOT docked!!  They can be as long as the
hock and still be acceptable in the breed ring.  A nice
(spike) tail is a wonderful thing to see!!  The ONLY time we
would dock a tail is if it is
impossible to keep from getting
infected or if the tail is turned back into the dog.  A vet who
is not familiar with BULLDOGS may not know this.    
also are NOT removed.
All puppies are removed and the bitch is then stitched back up.
Welcome to the site of Bodanna Bulldogs.
The following information is about breeding Bulldogs and is very graphic and
detailed.  All photos are the sole property of Bodanna Bulldogs.  
*Spaying a female before her first heat puts the risk of mammary tumors later in life at almost
Pyometra a potentially fatal bacterial infection of the uterus can be completely eliminated by
spaying. Having puppies is a major physical and potentially life-threatening event for a
Bulldog female, as her litters are delivered by cesarean and require anesthetic.  
Walrus or water puppies can result so it is mandatory to have the bitch undergo a cesarean
section.  If the bitch is carrying one of these puppies and is free whelped it can easily get
stuck and cause loss of the puppies and/or bitch.  
*Bulldog puppies are not raised the same as other breeds.  They require
much more time,
energy, and money to
successfully raise a litter.  The first two or three weeks of a Bulldog
puppy's life often require around-the-clock care and sleepless nights. This can entail every 2
hours a 45 minute feed and clean around the clock.   
*Before deciding to breed a female much effort should go into knowledge of the Bulldog
Standard,  the background of the female and the male (pedigree, temperament, and health).   
*Not all dogs should be reproduced!  AKC registration is
only a pedigree registry.  They do
not guarantee health, temperament, or conformation.
*Some want to show their children the experience of birth. (What about the experience of
death?) Bulldogs can have a
very high rate of mortality.  
I would like to Thank Dr. Dave
Kalinowski at Mesabi Animal
Hospital and his staff for all the
wonderful care.
The following photos are from actual Bulldog cesarean sections.  
They may be disturbing to some viewers.
Here you can see the body of one of
the puppies in the Ultra sound